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你好!你好吗Hello, how are you
有没有人?Is there anyone?
我真的很爱你I love you really so much
这个汉堡包多少钱?How much does this hamburger cost?
你能叫我一辆出租车吗?Can You call me a taxi?
对不起I am sorry
打扰一下Excuse me
我有兴趣I am interested
我的航班延误了My flight was delayed
我在这里做生意I am here for business
你好我的名字是Hello, my name is
我很抱歉,但我已经结婚了I am sorry, but I am married
我想问你I would like to ask you
你能带我去机场吗Can you take me to the airport?
请问现在的时间是什么?What is the time right now, please?
最近的警察局在哪里?Where is the nearest police station?
可以借用手机充电器吗?Can I borrow your phone charger please?
你可以帮我吗?Can you help me?
请给我一杯饮料吗?Order me a drink, please?
它要多少钱?How much does it cost?
我对面筋过敏I'm allergic to gluten
打电话叫医生Call a doctor
有医生吗Is there a doctor?
我可以打电话吗Can I have a call?
请打电话给你的老板Call me your boss please.
这个地方非常好This place is very nice
请带我去酒店Take me to the hotel please
我的房间号码是多少?What is my room number?

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