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欢迎回家Welcome home
你的护照You passport please
我要如何才能到达这个地方?How can I get to this place?
什么是去那里的最佳方式?What is the best way to get to there?
你叫什么名字?What is your name?
你好吗?How are you?
你能帮助我吗?Can you help me please?
祝你今天愉快。Have a nice day.
再见。See you soon.
我爱你I love you
我恨你I hate you
我累了I am tired
需要花多长时间?How long will it take?
您能否给我建议的最佳途径?Can you suggest me the best route?
真的对不起I am really sorry
请叫救护车Please call ambulance
有没有人?Is there anybody?
冷静下来,请Calm down please
好车Nice car

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