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Sample phrases

Selamat pulangWelcome home
Anda pasport silaYou passport please
Bagaimana saya boleh mendapatkan ke tempat ini?How can I get to this place?
Apakah cara yang terbaik untuk sampai ke sana?What is the best way to get to there?
Siapa namamu?What is your name?
Apa khabar?How are you?
Bolehkah awak menolong saya?Can you help me please?
Semoga hari anda indah.Have a nice day.
Jumpa lagi.See you soon.
saya sayang awakI love you
saya benci awakI hate you
saya penatI am tired
Berapa lama ia akan mengambil masa?How long will it take?
Boleh cadangkan saya laluan yang terbaik?Can you suggest me the best route?
saya benar-benar kesalI am really sorry
Sila hubungi ambulansPlease call ambulance
Ada sesiapa?Is there anybody?
Bertenang silaCalm down please
Kereta cantikNice car

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