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Sample phrases

Welcome homeDobrodošel doma
You passport pleaseYou potni list, prosim
How can I get to this place?Kako lahko pridem do tega mesta?
What is the best way to get to there?Kaj je najboljši način, da pridete do tja?
What is your name?Kako ti je ime?
How are you?Kako si?
Can you help me please?Ali mi lahko pomagaš prosim?
Have a nice day.Imej lep dan.
See you soon.Se vidiva kmalu.
I love youLjubim te
I hate yousovražim te
I am tiredutrujen sem
How long will it take?Kako dolgo bo to trajalo?
Can you suggest me the best route?Mi najboljša pot lahko predlagaš?
I am really sorryres mi je žal
Please call ambulancePokličite rešilca
Is there anybody?Je kdo?
Calm down pleasePomiri se prosim
Nice carLep avto

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