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Sample phrases

EnglishScots Gaelic
Welcome homeFàilte dhachaigh
You passport pleaseBha thu a 'cuir cead-siubhail
How can I get to this place?Ciamar a gheibh mi a-àite seo?
What is the best way to get to there?Dè an dòigh as fheàrr gus faighinn gu an sin?
What is your name?Dè an t-ainm a th 'ort?
How are you?Ciamar a tha thu?
Can you help me please?An urrainn dhut mo chuideachadh, cuiribh?
Have a nice day.Latha math leat.
See you soon.Chì mi thu a dh’ aithghearr.
I love youtha gaol agam ort
I hate youtha gràin agam ort
I am tiredtha mi sgith
How long will it take?Dè cho fada 'sa bheir e?
Can you suggest me the best route?An smaoinich thu dhomh as an t-slighe?
I am really sorryTha mi dha-rìribh duilich
Please call ambulanceCuiribh fios air carbad-eiridinn
Is there anybody?Bheil duine sam bith?
Calm down pleaseCalm cuiribh sìos
Nice carNice càr

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