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Sample phrases

Welcome homeWolkom thús
You passport pleaseJo paspoart please
How can I get to this place?Hoe kin ik oan dit plak?
What is the best way to get to there?Wat is de bêste manier om oan dêr?
What is your name?Wat is jo namme?
How are you?Hoe giet it mei dy?
Can you help me please?Soene jo my helpe wolle?
Have a nice day.Noch in goeie dei.
See you soon.Oant gau.
I love youik hâld fan dy
I hate youik haat dy
I am tiredIk bin wurch
How long will it take?Hoe lang sil it duorje?
Can you suggest me the best route?Kin jim foarstelle my de bêste rûte?
I am really sorryIk bin echt sorry
Please call ambulancePlease neame ambulance
Is there anybody?Is der ien?
Calm down pleaseCalm down please
Nice carMoaie auto

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