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Sample phrases

Welcome homeBenvingut a casa
You passport pleaseVostè passaport, si us plau
How can I get to this place?Com puc arribar a aquest lloc?
What is the best way to get to there?Quina és la millor manera d'arribar a determinat lloc?
What is your name?Com et dius?
How are you?Com estàs?
Can you help me please?Em pots ajudar si us plau?
Have a nice day.Que tinguis un bon dia.
See you soon.A reveure.
I love youT'estimo
I hate yout'odio
I am tiredestic cansat
How long will it take?Quant de temps trigarà?
Can you suggest me the best route?em la millor ruta pot suggerir?
I am really sorryHo sento molt
Please call ambulanceSi us plau truqui a l'ambulància
Is there anybody?Hi ha algú?
Calm down pleaseCalma't si us plau
Nice carbon cotxe

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