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Sample phrases

Welcome homeWelkom tuis
You passport pleaseJy paspoort asseblief
How can I get to this place?Hoe kan ek by hierdie plek?
What is the best way to get to there?Wat is die beste manier om daar te kom?
What is your name?Wat is jou naam?
How are you?Hoe gaan dit?
Can you help me please?Kan jy my asseblief help?
Have a nice day.Geniet die dag.
See you soon.Sien jou binnekort.
I love youEk het jou lief
I hate youek haat jou
I am tiredek is moeg
How long will it take?Hoe lank sal dit neem?
Can you suggest me the best route?Kan jy my die beste roete voorstel?
I am really sorryek is regtig jammer
Please call ambulanceSkakel asseblief ambulans
Is there anybody?Is daar iemand?
Calm down pleaseKalmeer asseblief
Nice carNice motor

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